Being Happy

Some years ago, I had the fortune to read the book "Dying to be me" by Anita Moorjani,  in which she recounts her near-death experience following a long fight with terminal cancer. Her extraordinary story had a profound impact on my life views.

In fact, when I changed my career from the Finance industry to the soul-soaring Pastry world,  it was to a large part influenced by the insights in Ms. Moorjani's book.

The quote below is one such of her inspiring messages:


Often times, our actions are the result of fear, responsibility and scarcity.  Moorjani, following her NDE, instead suggests a radical approach - to let go of the socialized idea of scarcity and acts to avoid pain or lack; instead to seek and do what makes you happy.  

And this: following joy, letting the inner quiet &  deep happiness pave the way forward in life - has been my underlying guidance the last years. And this single change has brought the most deeply fulfilling years  of my life.

I hope you too find what makes you truly happy and allow it the significance it deserves in your life.