The Philosophy


Life is to be savored.001.jpg

The guiding principle at Bon Vivant is to help provide unforgettable moments through the sweet treats we offer. We have put careful thought into each detail, sourcing the finest ingredients, seeking ideal complements, adding tasteful finishing touches. With our carefully designed offering, we hope to charm and delight and inspire a moment of joie de vivre.

The Story

Maya Hormis founded the Bon Vivant pastry shop in 2013, leaving behind a 17-year career as a bank employee. Moved by a thought-provoking speech by Steve Jobs, to find work that resonated deeply with her, Maya found her true passion in pastries during an exploratory year that included enrollment and certifications in the Culinary & Pastry Arts from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu.

Artistic by nature and caring deeply about quality, Maya's penchant for the finer detail and elegance is reflected in the pastries.  The cake collection has been described as "the most impressive edible gift you can give" by fashion blogger Kimberly. This dedication to quality and workmanship have led, in a short period, to an admirable clientele that include iconic luxury houses such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Tiffany & Co, NY fashion editors, celebrities, and a discerning New York social crowd.

Outside the world of pastries, Maya enjoys her time reading, rollerblading in the park, and of course a nice glass of champagne.


The Values

Our mission is to bring beautiful, melt-in-your-mouth delicious treats following three simple ideas:

  1. Never sacrifice quality - find and use the best ingredients on the market: European marzipan and fondant; luxury preserves and liqueurs; eggs and butter from local farms that uphold a strong dedication to quality. 
  2. Stay true to the French patisserie craftsmanship  add to final look, flavor and texture.  

  3. Delight with tasteful, elegant aesthetics to create a truly sweet moment to savor.

We hope you enjoy the sweet results as much as we enjoy creating it.