SHIPPING / DELIVERY Frequently Asked Questions


Delivery service to Manhattan (up to 125th Street) - $17

  • Deliveries are made during Cake Café business hours: 12pm - 5pm to businesses and 6pm - 9pm to residences.

  • Please contact us for special delivery requirements or include in "Special Instructions" during checkout.

  • Preferred delivery date may be chosen during the checkout process.

  • Package will be left at the delivery address if no one is available to receive it. Bon Vivant New York is not responsible for packages damaged at, or taken from, a destination if no one is available to receive it.


In order to get products to our customers in the fastest as well as the most cost effective service, we offer UPS Ground service to areas within a 2 day transit (shown in green). For other locations, we use the UPS 2nd day service (shown in orange). Please allow 1 day to process + shipping days.

  • To avoid weekend package degradation over weekend storage conditions, packages will ship the following week if the the delivery is not estimated to reach by Friday.

  • Bon Vivant may refuse to ship order if conditions are not deemed favorable for shipping, for example extreme heat (over 75 degrees F) or humidity (over 75% humidity).

  • Valid address including apartment number, suite, etc. must be provided. Bon Vivant is not responsible for delays resulting from incorrect or undeliverable address.


How are the cakes shipped?

We put the same care and detail into our online order service as we do to making our confections.

Our cakes are placed in tray guards with padding to secure them within the cake box. The cake box is then encapsulated with cushioning in a corrugated board shipping box. On occasion, due to the varying conditions through transit, there may be some breakage of the decorations.

If the weather at the destination location is expected to be too hot/humid as to make the cakes susceptible to damage, the package will not be shipped and the order will be canceled/refunded.



How long do the cakes keep?

Bon Vivant Petit Cakes are best enjoyed within 7 days stored at cool room temperature.

Refrigerator storage may be used for longer duration. Leave the cakes at room temperature for approximately 30 minutes ahead of consumption.

The cakes can also be stored in the freezer in an airtight container for up to 90 days.  Leave the cakes in the sealed container at room temperature for approximately 1 hour ahead of consuming them. 

Petit Cake size

How big are the Petit Cakes? 

Each Petit Cake is a perfect single serving dessert size. It is a little smaller than a 2" square, and weighs approximately 2 ounces. A single Petit Cake is ideal for tea, coffee, or a party favor.

How big are the Demitasse Petit Fours?

Demitasse Petit fours are an ideal finger food dessert. It is a 1" square approximately 1 ounce. 

Left: Bon Vivant Petit Cake
Right: Bon Vivant Demitasse Petit Four

What is different about Bon Vivant cakes ?

Bon Vivant petit cakes highlight moist liqueur-laced cake layers, fine buttercreams and fruit curds, marzipan topping, and a fondant glaze. The result: a sweet treat that is melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Petit Cakes are larger than traditional Petits Fours in order to balance textures and flavors: fondant with moist cake, buttercream and marzipan.

Are the flowers edible?

The flowers and leaves are fully edible, made of royal icing, sugar paste or marzipan.


Do you do custom orders or events?

Yes. Please see Celebrations page for our special events offer or contact us for more information.