Petit Cakes are beautiful, distinctive handcrafted treats that when composed as a collection, create a visually stunning and elegant centerpiece. Display on an ornate cake platter, showcase on an ascending tower, or string prettily from a wishing tree – there are so many possibilities to design a presentation that will undoubtedly captivate your guests.

Our petit cakes are described as 'melt-in-your-mouth delicious' with their delicate layers of luscious buttercream, flavorful fruit curds, and velvety fondant icing infused with premium liqueurs.

Petit cakes are ideally sized for an individual serving, and conveniently ready-to-serve.


Floral Collection

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Silver Rococo Collection


Ivory & Rose Collection


Celebration Themes & Platters



A choice of delicately crafted sugar decorations are available. Speak to us about decoration options or packaging customized to suit your special event.

Decoration: Flower Blossom

Decoration: Rose Bloom

Decoration: Silver Rococo

Decoration: gold initials


Petits Fours Demitasse

The bite-size petits fours demitasse are irresistibly cute and perfect for parties.  

Composed of  alternating layers of cake, buttercream, fruit curds  as our traditional petit cakes, the demitasse is sized smaller at just about 1" making it a delicious and easy 'finger-food' dessert.  



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