“Courtesan Au Chocholat" from “The Grand Budapest Hotel"

Last Saturday, we had the pleasure of demonstrating techniques on making the "Courtesans au Chocolat" at Williams-Sonoma in NY city.  

A "Courtesan Au Chocolat" is the famed pastry featured in 2015 Oscar award winning, "The Grand Budapest Hotel".  The “Courtesan" is a colorful play on the well loved "Religieuse" pastry of France. The pastries are comprised of choux buns filled with sweet cream, then dipped in colorful glazes, then finally assembled one on top of the other for a beautiful effect, resembling quite a bit, like a little doll.

Below is our adaption of the pastry, as demonstrated at Williams-Sonoma. Have a look,   give it a try and tell us what you think!