5 Reasons Why Petit Cakes are the New Must-Haves for any Celebration

Whether you are celebrating a special birthday, a grand wedding, a small dinner-party, or some other occasion, here are 5 excellent reasons to have New York's best petits fours and petit cakes to ensure you have a fabulously festive time.

  1. You can forget the knife!
    They conveniently come in perfect individually-portioned serving sizes. No need for a knife and no need to cut the cake.
  2. They stay fresh for 10 days!
    The outer fondant glaze along with the layer of marzipan seals and protects the moist, liqueur-laced cakes from exposure to air, which is the primary cause for cakes going stale.

  3. You can try a variety of flavors instead of just one large single flavored cake.
    Small individual cakes means you can try more than one flavor.  Additionally, there is an exciting assortment of flavors such as Lavender Bloom and Lemon Zest, that will satisfy varying palates.
  4. No cleaning up.
    Individual pieces means no mess from cutting nor any cleaning up afterwards. 
  5. You can have a cake all to yourself!
    Then there is the charm of having a pretty cake all to yourself! Moreover, in the unusual chance that you would prefer to save it for later, the conveniently packaged cake can be easily taken home too.

Bon Appétit and let the good times roll!